Ishta McCormick

well i come from a long line of car enthusiast, my Grandfather was in the very 1st Indy 500 and drove in prob 10 or 15 more.. but he went on to be a long hall truck driver, my dad he's a mechanic, knows a car inside out. me I just love cars.. I have always loved cars, even as a teen i really got into them.. see I'm gay and i had a bunch of friends I'd hang out with, well it seems my love for the car rubbed off. i got 3 of my friends to turn into gear heads.. 

I have owns some cool cars. from a Rara 1992 Subaru SVX H6 , 89 Fire bird, 72 M,Benz 280 SEL 4.8 V8, 94 Saturn LOL 4 Volvo S60 differnt years... one of them actually saved my life. in a car crash, i was T boned and with the 3 air bags that went off were 1 in my face but 1 in the side bostering and the other in the door seal.. the headlight would of been in my face.. but i save.. 
in 3 months i went therw 3 volvos. 1 i crashed, 2nd was the Tbone. 3rd some drunking A** hole hit my car in the mid of the night and ran... (dick) but my fav cars were Acuras. Ive owns 3 of them. I love them.... funny thing is im the 2nd owner on all of them in 2000 I had a bad ass All black Acura Legend 4 door. GS 6 speed. then i had green 1997 Acura RL and now one of my dream cars i have is my 2006 Acura RL white with tan leather it has it all.. i love that car. to me it has everything the sportiness, the Lux, the looks, and there are not many out there.. i love cars always have.. but i look forward to hearing from you guys I love what you guys stand for, and your motto... it really speeks to me.. you can drive a Hooptie or some grand pimpmobill.. just as long as you love and have some passion for it. Ive looked at other groups or places and i've been criticized for not liking this car or that car or thinking like they do or what ever.. but really this is what it really is about.. Passion ... thats all just the love of it .. thank you


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