Juan Rodriguez

 My story begins when I was still in elementary school. My father had a 1969 Buick Skylark which we would be outside washing all the time. I remember the first time my dad let me ride in it. That's when I really fell in love with cars. We were cruising on a back road and he decided to show my how fast the car was and floored it. The gas pedal wasn't greased properly and got stuck to the floor and it was honestly a thrill for me. Skipping ahead some years I finally got my first car a 1998 Honda Civic. Which I immediately started doing little modifications to. Then I went through a few cars like a Volkswagen Jetta Wolfburg Edition and two Chevy Cruze. I now own my 2016 Ford Focus ST which I've been building up also my 1966 Ford Mustang that I have rebuilt in my driveway and a 2015 Honda Grom which is a fun little motorcycle.Then lastly I have a 1988 Nissan 300zx Which I've been slowly working on as a drift build.

I came across the oneauTo movement on Instagram after they liked one of my photos. I decided to check out their page and that led me to their website where I began to read everyone's stories and to learn more about them. I ended up emailing back and forth with Jhae and I learned a lot and liked everything I was told. I hope they are able to get someone in my area to hold events cause I'm in the New York area and the closest representative they have to me is an NSX down in Delaware.

That there is my automotive story and hope to hear stories from other people here. Like many of you I share my experiences on social media if you want to keep up with my adventures. I also hope this helps anyone reading this to start their own automotive adventures cause it's never to late to start anything.

Juan Rodriguez
Instagram: JuanosRides

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