Eddie Ramos

Hi my name is Eddie Ramos and I am an enthusiast of cars, motorcycles and boats, but my real enthusiasm is in cars. I've always had the passion for vehicles since I was a wee lad. As a teenager, our scene was the lowered scene, but much before the popularity of coilovers and actual lowering springs! For all you youngins, this was when 16 inch rims were the largest at the time! Moving over the years, I started a family at a young age, so that took priority over everything, but never lost my passion for vehicles. Just could not have one! 

A couple years back I got a BMW Z4M, progressed to an M6, then built a monster CTS-V Coupe to my now current GTR (Mermaid V2.0).  However, through those other cars, I was never really into the scene as much as a I am now with the Mermaid. For a particular reason of course. The scene in general are made up of clubs. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with clubs, they generally only grant or allow membership to certain vehicle types or statuses. This is just not my thing. I love all vehicles, but mostly enjoy talking to the people behind the vehicles. Finding out what their dream cars are or what their aspirations/goals are with anything. Why? Because that is me. Still to this day. 

True I showed up to several events here and there but it really wasn't until I met Aaron and Jhae and started to talk to them about the movement when I got really involved into the car scene. This is what I have been looking for. Involved in a car scene where there is a group of people that accepts all makes, models, years, types, etc. This was my moment. 

My current build is a 2014 Nissan GTR. Has FBO E85 at the moment, planning on expanding that at beginning of year. Appearance mods include a colorshift wrap, bagged, wheels, custom headlights and taillights and misc lighting. However, what brings me the most joy with this build, is the sharing and exchanging of ideas with my oneauTo family. I can rely on these guys and gals to tell me whats up and we are honest with each other. This is one of the be benefits of this movement. Seeking advice, exchanging ideas, and most of all positive reinforcement with one another. 

I truly and 100% honestly believe in the oneauTo movement and what it stands for because of not only what it preaches, but how it proves it! Come meet any of the oneauTo family, see for yourself. Interactions on social media, at meets or shows is where you will see how we truly are. United, together and family! 

This is my oneauTo story! What is yours? I encourage you to share it! In person, on social media or on the website. 

Eddie Ramos

instagram :  majestik_unicorn

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