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What’s your oneauTo story?

 We want to give you a chance to share your story. At oneauTo movement, we focus on the individual behind the build and behind the passion.  That means we want to know what you, the enthusiast is all about and what is it about your drive that you will allow the automotive culture to learn about you. 

  • What are you an enthusiast of as it relates to the transportation industry? 
  • When did you realize you had the passion, was there an event or realization moment? 
  • Tell us about your build. 
  • Can you share a story about your favorite automotive moment as it relates to your friends and your passion for your build?
  • Why do you believe in the oneauTo movement, why is it special to you?


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Please submit your story with your name and location. (Optional: social media information if you want others to find you). Please include at least one photo of you with your build (optional: a short one minute or less video). Submit information to: mystory@oneautomovement.com